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Fika with XR Göteborg (in English) – XR Sverige

Fika with XR Göteborg (in English)

TISDAG 1 NOVEMBER KL. 18:00–20:00

Kvinnofolkhögskolan Göteborg

Are you curious about how to become more involved in Extinction Rebellion (XR) in Gothenburg? Have you been to an intro meeting and are thinking about how to get started with your engagement? Or do you just want to meet and hang out with other people involved? Welcome to “fika” with new and old rebels!

You will have the chance to ask all your questions about different working groups, get ideas about ways to be involved in XR and simply have a good time with us! We will also tell you a little about our past actions and what is going on going forward.

Welcome to fika with us on Tuesday 1 November at 18:00-20:00, at Kvinnofolkhögskolan. You reach us from Masthuggstorget where you take the stairs and go through the lattice gate to Kryssdäcket. Entrance is to the left.

This fika will be in English.

Everyone is welcome! See you!